Defamation of a Public or of State Authorities


Tabled by: MKs Yaacov Katz (National Union) and Zion Finian (Likud) on 7 February 2011.
This amendment to the Anti-Defamation Law (Defamation of a Public or of State Authorities) would allow libel suits and even criminal prosecution against anyone slandering the State of Israel or any of its official bodies. Additionally, it would allow any person belonging to a particular slandered public to bring a civil suit against the accused slanderer. In the explanatory notes, the sponsors of the legislation do not hide the fact that their intention is to enable lawsuits and even criminal prosecution against NGOs that provide information on human rights violations and alleged war crimes committed by Israeli soldiers.
On 11 July 2011 the bill approved by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation. The Minister of Justice Yaacov Neeman and the Minister without Portfolio Dan Meridor submitted objections to the bill, which have not yet been debated in committee. The upshot is that, at this juncture, the government opposes the legislation.
7 February 2011: Bill proposed in the Knesset.
11 July 2011: Bill approved by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation but later objections were submitted.
Status: Not currently promoted.

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