ACRI’s Jewish and Arab staff members include attorneys, fieldworkers, public hotline coordinators, public outreach and media professionals and educators. ACRI also has the crucial support of dozens of highly qualified and dedicated volunteers. In four offices located in Tel Aviv (head office), Jerusalem, Nazareth and Be’er Sheva, ACRI’s staff and volunteers work intensively to foster a culture of human rights in Israel.


Attorney Sharon Abraham-Weiss, Executive Director
Attorney Dan Yakir, Chief Legal Counsel


Public Outreach Department

Attorney Tali Nir, Director of Public Outreach and Associate Director
Attorney Debbie Gild-Hayo, Director of Policy Advocacy
Tal Dahan, Director of Information Center
Sarit Eliah, Information Center Assistant
Yaron Kelner, Spokesperson
Noam Amit, Director of New Media


International Relations and Resource Development Department

Steven Beck, Director
Sharon Wallach, Grants Manager
Erran Oren, Economist
Smadar Sarna, Director of Resource Development in Israel
Alisa Wicks, Development and Communications Associate


Human Rights in Israel Department

Attorney Oded Feller, Director
Tal Hassin, Director of the Public Hotline

Arab Minority Rights Unit

Attorney Raghad Jaraisy, Unit Director
Attorney Sana Ibn Bari, Rights of the Negev Bedouin
Attorney Shada Aamer, The Right to Equality

Social and Economic Rights Unit

Attorney Gil Gan-Mor, Unit Director and Director of the Right to Housing Program
Attorney Maskit Bendel, Director of the Right to Live in Dignity Program
Attorney Reut Cohen

Civil and Political Rights Unit

Attorney Avner Pinchuk, Unit Director and Chief Operating Officer
Attorney Sharona Eliahu-Chai, Freedom of Expression
Sapir Sluzker-Amran, Co-ordinator of the Freedom of Demonstration Project

Immigration and Status Unit

Rotem Ilan – Unit Director and Director of The Israeli Children Project
Rachel Fisch Ben-Israel – Field and Research Co-ordinator (Israeli Children Project)


Human Rights in the Occupied Territories Department

Attorney Tamar Feldman, Director
Ronit Sela, Public Outreach
Yafit Jamila Biso, Field Worker
Mesi Aychek, Coordinator of the International Humanitarian Law Project
Attorney Anne Suciu, Human Rights in East Jerusalem project
Khader Daibes, Field Worker & Outreach Co-ordinator
Attorney Roni Pelli
Attorney Nisreen Alyan, Human Rights in East Jerusalem project


Human Rights Education Department

Sharaf Hassan, Director
Kholod Idris, Coordinator – Arabic Education
Naomi Beyth-Zoran, Coordinator – Hebrew Education
Noa Rivlin, Coordinator – Education Against Racism


Administrative Staff

Victor Lederfarb, Financial Director
Naama Yadgar, Office Manager (Jerusalem)
Ofra Talkar, Office Manager (Tel Aviv)
Samar Abu-dbai, Office Manager (Nazareth)
Uri Alexander, Computing Systems



Miriam Houri, Legal Intern
Amos Laor, Legal Intern
Meytal Russo, Legal Intern

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