ACRI Slams Court Decision against Hijab-Wearing Teacher

In response to the Jerusalem Labor Court’s support of a school which had fired a teacher for wearing a head covering

On September 1, ACRI strongly condemned the Jerusalem Labor Court’s decision not to reinstate a teacher who was dismissed from her job at a school for wearing a hijab (Muslim head covering). “Freedom of expression includes expressions of religious belief, which are sometimes manifested through dress. The authorities must allow all individuals to express these religious beliefs through symbols, whether they be hijabs, crosses or kippahs.”

According to ACRI Attorney Rawia Aburabia, “The school in question made a despicable decision, one that conveys to it students a message of intolerance for others and the suppression of legitimate religious expression. Even worse is the court’s decision, which set a dangerous precedent – to legitimize discrimination on the basis of religion. All of this is not withstanding the inherent violation of the specific teacher’s employment rights.”

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Categories: Arab Citizens of Israel, Arab Minority Rights, Democracy and Civil Liberties, Freedom of Expression, The Right to Equality

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