ACRI Review of Knesset Winter Session

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In recent years, ACRI has been increasingly troubled by expanding assaults on Israel’s democratic values. Of great concern is the fact that one of the key arenas in which this takes place is the parliament itself – the very heart of democracy. Furthermore, the Knesset plenum and committees have frequently served as platforms for offensive and inciting discourse, mostly targeting ethnic and political minorities.
The attacks on Israel’s democracy are mainly characterized by attempts to silence social or political minorities’ views or public criticism; attempts to delegitimize political rivals, human rights organizations, and minorities; attempts to restrict parties with positions that do not coincide with the political majority’s views; and by presenting minorities as enemies of the State, in an attempt to legitimize the infringement on their civil and political rights.
On March 30, the Knesset went on a spring break and will resume its work in May. Upon this temporary hiatus, we have gleaned the various anti-democratic bills that have been promoted in the current Knesset, summarized them, and organized them in one document which we hope you will find useful. When available, we added links to ACRI’s policy papers in English.
To download ACRI’s review of the 18th Knesset’s Winter Seat, click here.
Considering the important role that the Knesset plays within Israel’s democratic framework, ACRI warns that the trends promoted by the Knesset have a dangerous chilling effect on Israeli civil society, have severe implications on the state of human rights and civil liberties, and contribute to undemocratic and racist public stands, which have been increasingly salient in Israeli society in the past few years.

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Categories: Anti-Democratic Initiatives, Arab Citizens of Israel, Arab Minority Rights, Citizenship and Residency, Democracy and Civil Liberties, Freedom of Expression, Housing Rights, Migrant Workers, Racism and Discrimination, Refugees and Asylum-Seekers, Social and Economic Rights, The Right to Equality

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One Response to ACRI Review of Knesset Winter Session

  1. marsha wolfson כתב:

    marsha wolfson says:
    May 1, 2011 at 7:27 am
    i think you should be aware that haaretz ran an article in march 2011 implying that ALL disabled persons in israel can work and should work. it did not say that some disabled persons cannot work, which i felt a fair article should acknowledge. it also implied that the disability benefit costs too much. it was like an unjust negative welfare type article about the disabled and the next step would be to require a program like wisconsin threatening the disability benefit for persons who are disabled. the article did not mention wisconsin but that is where the attitude and writing would lead. the article should note that some persons are severely disabled, moderately and slightly disabled. the disabled are not all one group. the response to all disabled should not be the same. some or many should have work opportunity and encouragement and for others this is not appropriate. the haaretz newspaper should have an appropriate reaction and response to this article. it was in the english edition of the newspaper on the internet. sincerely, marsha wolfson, MSW