Attorney Sharona Eliyahu Chai

Attorney Sharona Eliyahu Chai joined ACRI in 2012, and devotes her time primarily to two areas of law: freedom of expression and protest, and human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.   Prior to joining ACRI, Ms. Eliyahu Chai worked at Tmura – the Israeli Anti-Discrimination Legal Center, which works to end discrimination against women, ethnic minorities, and other disadvantaged populations in Israel using civil law.  Previously she worked at The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel.  During her legal studies, she volunteered in Haifa and in Acre with “Halev Bamishpat” (the Heart in the Law) project of the Movement against Poverty, providing legal assistance to individuals unable to pay for legal representation.  Ms. Eliyahu Chai has a B.A. in Psychology and an L.L.M. both from the University of Haifa, and was licensed to practice law in 2007.  She is currently working on a Master’s of Law in Human Rights Law from the Takkanah L.L.M. Program at The College of Management – Academic Studies in Rishon LeZion.

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Categories: Democracy and Civil Liberties


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