My Dear Mother: Fighting to Reform Elder Care in Israel

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They were there for us. We will, in turn, be there for them:  For our parents, for our partner, or for our beloved grandparents. We would like to see them age with dignity, to guarantee that their last years will be happy and dignified. We hope to be treated similarly down the road, when we will need care.


One of every four elderly Israelis needs assisted care so as to perform activities of daily living. When the need arises, family members discover that the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) funds only a small portion of a caregiver’s cost and insurance companies barely help. If, for instance, an elderly parent needs long term hospitalization, the cost is not covered by national health insurance, and out of pocket costs are very high.


The Ministry of Health is well aware of the situation.  In 2011 Minister of Health Yakov Litzman attempted to enact reforms to address some of the problems, but faced many obstacles.  Public pressure is the only way we can achieve change.  Join our campaign.


Please click here to learn more and access the campaign’s website.


For more information in Hebrew:

הודעה לעיתונות: מדינת ישראל זקוקה בדחיפות לרפורמה בסיעוד, 27.6.2016

נייר העמדה: ביטוח סיעוד ציבורי: הצורך ברפורמה חקיקתית

עו”ד טלי ניר, סבתא יקרה לי, ולכם?, 23.6.2016

רוני לינדר גנץ, הצד המפחיד של החיים, 24.6.2016

עו”ד גיל גן-מור, להורינו זכות להזדקן בכבוד, 25.6.2016

הזמנה לכנס ב-5.7.2016 על הרפורמה בסיעוד בכנסת

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