Ensuring dignified living for our elderly

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Dear Friends,


A few weeks ago I called on you to join our efforts to ensure elder care reform. Hundreds of you answered the call, sending emails to decision makers to insist they do not abandon our parents and grandparents by making sure to include elder care reform in the budget. The Knesset voted last week on the budget but unfortunately this reform wasn’t included. Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman will continue promoting it, but without a guarantee from the government to allocate a budget for it, this crucial reform hangs in the balance. It appears that the government does not grasp the dramatic changes that will occur in Israeli society as a result of the aging of the population and is not preparing accordingly. We must continue pressing on with this campaign until we see results, and this won’t happen without a critical mass of public pressure.


We have been hearing more and more stories that reflect the horrible crisis facing the elderly and their families, a reality that thousands of Israelis deal with. As Ofra, 63, told us and as reported in Channel 2 News, both her parents started requiring nursing care. She  lives with them and takes care of them, which demands a lot of money. With tears in her eyes, she says: “I’m scared of what will happen to me. Financially it’s not easy either. Half my money currently goes to them. What will happen when I get old? I have two children who I also take care of. If I reach the point where I require care, I’ll kill myself, because I don’t want them to have to go through what I am now going through with my parents.”


The way things currently operate, the elderly who require nursing care and their families  are collapsing under the burden, both financial and emotional. Join the campaign in the name of your loved ones to guarantee that they will grow old with dignity.


To conclude on a more optimistic note: I am delighted to congratulate the president of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, author Sami Michael, on the occasion of his 90th birthday, which he celebrated last week. Michael, one of the most distinguished authors in Israel, has served as president of ACRI since 2001. He is a dedicated warrior for democracy, civil liberties, freedom of speech, and the right of each citizen of the State of Israel to live in dignity, and has worked to oppose racism and discrimination. He has unique resolve, integrity and is a voice of conscience that has made relentless efforts to bring people together, promoting tolerance and mutual respect. His revolutionary passion continues to light our path.






Sharon Abraham-Weiss
Executive Director
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel

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