Board of Directors

ACRI’s Board of Directors is elected every two years by ACRI’s members, and includes leading figures from the fields of law, academia, civil society and the media, who represent a range of population groups and constituencies and who volunteer their time and expertise. The Board of Directors meets every four to six weeks and receives progress reports from ACRI’s senior management. The Board shapes ACRI’s policies and strategy, determines policies and priorities for ACRI’s professional staff, provides guidance and feedback on ACRI’s programming, and approves operational guidelines, work plans and budgets. The Board of Directors discusses and approves the organization’s annual work plan and budget. ACRI also has a Finance Committee, comprised of three members, all also unpaid volunteers.

Mr. Sami Michael (President) – A native of Baghdad, Mr. Michael is one of Israel’s most beloved writers and a champion of human rights. As President of ACRI’s Board of Directors, he volunteers his time to represent the organization. Mr. Michael is the recipient of numerous literary prizes and honorary doctorates in Israel and abroad. In 2007, the Prime Minister’s Office and the A.M.N. Foundation awarded Mr. Michael the Emet Prize for Arts & Culture, a prestigious prize for individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Israeli society. For more on Mr. Michael, click here.

Members of the Board

Ms. Rachel Liel (Chair)

Ms. Etty Kenny

Ms. Rachel Amram 

Dr. Talia Aharoni

Professor Barak Medina

Professor Iris Rachamimov

Ms. Buthaina Dabit

Professor Aeyal Gross

Attorney Zaki Diab  

Professor Abd ElFatakh Muhammad Nassar

Ms. Ruti Yuval

Mr. Uri Zaki


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